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6 August 2006

Making the pitch

I've mentioned before that I was hanging around a bit on OkCupid, which is a dating service based upon screwy TheSpark-like tests — which isn't surprising, since the same guys were responsible for TheSpark.

And I'm not at all thinking I'm actually, you know, going to meet anyone as a result of this, but I get a major kick out of reading the user profiles, and the following is a selection of stuff I read today.

I am not one of those glass-half-full people but I am also not one of those glass-half-empty people either. My freaking glass has holes in it and the water is dribbling out down the front of my shirt.

I spend a lot of time doing homework, and even more time doing nothing. I'm also learning to throw pottery. You know, on a wheel, not across the room. I learned how to do THAT ages ago.

I enjoy just about any food as long as it doesn't contain flaked coconut.

I have a pretty strong sense of humor, though it can dip to the dark/dry side where not even I quite get my own jokes.

Someone pointed out to me the other day intimidate and intimate are only 2 letters different. Thought that was interesting.

I shave my legs pretty infrequently, partially because they're a little sensitive in spots, but mostly because I'm lazy and it's a real chore.

I am one of the most independent people I know, but according to whatever this site uses to measure independence, I show up as borderline basket case. I wholeheartedly disagree. As they point out though, it's only a website.

Hey, it beats reading me all the time.

Posted at 8:00 PM to Table for One

Whew. So if you HAD to pick one of those, which would it be?

Posted by: anne at 8:57 AM on 7 August 2006

That's a bit harder to say, since these fragments are separated from the rest of the profile and from the test results. (The service computes a percentage for "Match," for "Friend," and for "Enemy," in descending order of comprehensibility.) I pulled these bits from about forty profiles of people who happened to be online at the moment I was looking; I didn't check the rest of the details. Still, anything worded well enough to get my attention suggests at least the possibility of something.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:08 AM on 7 August 2006

Possibly. Let us know how it turns out, if you take it any further.

Posted by: anne at 11:36 AM on 7 August 2006

Gee...these folks sound a little like they have attention deficit disorder... oh look, a chicken.

Posted by: Dr. Jan at 8:02 PM on 7 August 2006