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7 August 2006

Serious service

Alldata offers a subscription service to the vehicle manufacturer's actual service information, including part prices, official labor times, and updated Technical Service Bulletins; I have subscribed to it for my last three cars, and have been known to browse the TSBs for information which may (or may not) subsequently become useful. (Honda/Acura and BMW do not permit this sort of thing, but most other makes do.)

I was reading a TSB for transmission slippage on I30s of Gwendolyn's vintage, and it calls for replacement of a particular solenoid valve. But the first item in the service procedure is this:

1.  Record the radio presets.

Because, of course, you'll lose them when the battery is disconnected, as it must be to change out electrical components.

And the last step is to reprogram those presets. (I guess this is why these luxury brands command such high loyalty.)

Incidentally, Gwendolyn is not showing signs of transmission slippage: I just happened to be going through that part of the TSB list.

Posted at 7:32 AM to Driver's Seat

You can also make an adapter for the cigarette lighter and plug in a 9 volt battery. It will keep the radio presets but it is not strong enough to cause any damage. It will have to be the kind that is live all the time and not tied to the ign. switch.

Posted by: Titan Mk6B at 2:45 PM on 9 August 2006