The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

9 August 2006

Long-distance browsing

From the front page of the Web site of Peakirk Books:

We Welcome those who are able, and would like to visit our shop in Peakirk, a small village just outside Peterborough, England. (An advance phone call would ensure we were here to greet and assist you)

I have the feeling I'd like to see this place some day. I've actually done business with Peakirk Books, albeit the newfangled electronic way: they had some obscure Hutchinson juvenile by the tersely-named M. Frow that I'd gotten an urge to read, and Random House, which owns the Hutchinson imprint these days, isn't much help. And one of Peakirk's strong suits is books for children:

We Specialise primarily in secondhand Childrens Books for both Collectors and those trying to find those books they once read.

I wouldn't hazard a guess as to which of the two groups might be larger.

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