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10 August 2006

Just like real people

Pennsylvania Democrats are charging that petitions on behalf of Green Party Senate candidate Carl Romanelli contain lots of fake names, including Mickey Mouse, Mona Lisa, Woody Allen, Robert Redford, George Bush, Gerald Ford and Lee H. Oswald.

Now I was under the impression that Mouse was registered in Ohio, but I could be wrong.

Not that the Democrats are blaming the Greens, exactly:

Democratic officials said that some GOP donors had contributed funds to help Mr. Romanelli's campaign and hurt [Democratic candidate Bob] Casey. Some money went to hire a Florida firm, JSM Inc., to circulate Romanelli petitions. There have been complaints about the integrity of JSM petitions circulated in other states, including Ohio in 2004, Democrats said.

Still, what's most galling is not that they're fakes, but that they're obvious fakes. You'd think even Republicans could have figured this out by now.

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I blame the Democrats, who obviously did this to make the sneaky backstabbing Republicans look bad. ;-)

Posted by: McGehee at 4:51 PM on 10 August 2006