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14 August 2006

Get off my damn lawn

Oh, wait, he's not actually on the lawn:

A demonstrator sat down Saturday near the home of a Muslim candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates with a hand-lettered sign bearing a crude denunciation of Islam.

The sign was apparently aimed at Saqib Ali, a Gaithersburg resident who is running in the Sept. 12 Democratic primary for a seat in House District 39.

The demonstrator, who wore a T-shirt reading "This mind is an Allah-free zone," planted himself near the house in the Quince Orchard Estates development that Ali also uses as a campaign office. Ali, a software engineer who is challenging three incumbents, said he went out into his small cul-de-sac to look at the man but said nothing to him.

"I knew he was there to bait me," Ali said.

But he wasn't on Ali's property:

Police were later called, and Ali said he agreed with their assessment that nothing illegal took place.

The man, he said, was in a common area and not on Ali's property. But police apparently notified the man later that he could be arrested if he did go onto the candidate's property in the next year.

Ali, who was born in Chicago, said his candidacy is about such matters as "roads, the schools" and not his religion.

The current version of this Washington Post story is prefaced by the following statement:

An earlier version of this article contained a quote that was removed per editorial discretion.

Probably the demonstrator's sign, which read "Islam Sucks."

Mr Ali, to his credit, is neither sucking nor overreacting.

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