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19 August 2006

Saturday spottings (you gotta look)

If there's a universal Guy Utterance, it's "Hey, watch this!" (If he asks you to hold his beer, trouble may be in the offing.) Close behind, at least among those who are single and straight, is "Where are all the women?"

Well, as of noon today, they were at Stein Mart. I wandered over in search of sheets and towels, and the place was like Estrogen Central: wall-to-wall women, twentysomething through sixtysomething, each of them presumably engaged in serious bargain hunting. I am no bargain, but I did say something to a clerk about coming down with Only Male In The Store Syndrome, and she smiled just long enough to give her a chance to remember the script: "Oh, but we have many customers who are men." Maybe some other day.

The other thought I had was "Does no one have a full-sized bed anymore?" The vast majority of the offerings, including the spiffy 500-plus-thread-count packages, were queen or king only, and much as I'd like to buy a new bed, I can't see spending that much money on something that benefits me only when I'm asleep.

This past spring, an almost-new sofa appeared by the side of the road, on Grand Boulevard just north of NE 29th. Over the months, it accumulated debris: first a discarded bottled-water container, then bits of blown-in paper. I wanted to get a shot of it last time I was by there, but Grand had been closed; the city was redoing the railroad crossing south of the Oklahoma Railway Museum. (This is presumably going to be part of the spur line from downtown, or at least Bricktown, to the Adventure District.) Today Grand was open, but the sofa apparently had been attacked by something: one of the cushions was ripped open, and there was a whole new layer of garbage at that end. Wee, and not so wee, forest creatures abound in this part of town, so I'm guessing it was one of them rather than the occasional fatigued pedestrian or cyclist.

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Well, I know of at least two women who went no where near any kind of shopping areas today (and that includes Stein Mart). We went where every other self-respecting woman should have gone: out driving motorcycles.

Posted by: belhoste at 2:36 AM on 20 August 2006

Now that sounds like fun. Probably doesn't cost as much as shopping, either, once the initial outlay is covered.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:57 AM on 20 August 2006