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22 August 2006

All thumbs

Thumbs up to SBC/AT&T/whoever they are this week for putting a wide variety of long-distance packages on display on their Web site; this is exactly the sort of information a customer needs.

Thumbs down to SBC/AT&T/whoever they are this week for making it impossible to order one of those packages over the Web if you already have one; you have to call the poor, harried service rep and give him the chance to do his spiel for the nine or ten other products they're dying to sell you, and then they'll talk to you about changing your LD plan.

Oh, well. They'll learn, one way or another.

Addendum, 3:40 pm: BStewart gives Bell Canada the finger. Maybe the whole darn fist.

Posted at 9:46 AM to Dyssynergy

Cell companies appear to have not a whole lot of interest in such customer-maintenance principles as, don't make it more attractive to be a new customer somewhere else than to be an established customer here.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:05 PM on 22 August 2006