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22 August 2006

Meanwhile at the voting machine

Not much of a wait: at 5:15 pm I checked in at #375. For the brief period I was there, there were as many Democrats as Republicans — although two of each hardly qualifies as a valid statistical sample. The pollworkers seemed a smidgen cheerier than usual, perhaps because they'd been waiting all day to have as many as four people at the table.

If you're wondering why it took me an hour to post this, the few drops of rain that fell upon me during the afternoon commute provided just enough motivation for me to drag out the lawn mower and reduce the height of the weeds out front before the next round of stormage. Assuming, of course, there is a next round.

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I was #368, and the poll workers were downright ecstatic with the "rush" that had ensued. A slow rush though, as there were two canes and one full walker in the house ... out of seven people.

Posted by: Mel at 8:20 PM on 22 August 2006