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24 August 2006

Reorient your sweet tooth

From last August:

Russell Stover, the candy firm with a retail store on Northwest Expressway east of May, is putting in an outlet store around the corner, on May near NW 56th, in a building last occupied by an independent auto dealer and which looks to me like it started out as a Kinney shoe store.

Which, as it turns out, it had.

Now the outlet supersedes the original:

Tuesday, the candy shop will close. The company has decided to move into a bigger building a few blocks north at 5704 N May Ave.

There's just one problem:

The 1959 bungalow is one of only three left in the United States — the others are in Tulsa and Chattanooga, Tenn.

The red brick bungalow, with the wooden shingles that have never let water leak, has been sold and is likely to be torn down, [store manager Deborah] Wilson said.

Inasmuch as the candy was originally sold as "Mrs. Stover's Bungalow Candies," this is even more distressing than it sounds.

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