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25 August 2006

What's a girl to do?

Jack FM got to Los Angeles in the spring of 2005. How to counterprogram? Amaturo Group, which owned a trio of little class-A stations on the fringes of the city, decided to go for the obvious: Jill FM.

L.A. writer Meghan Daum is not impressed:

It plays artists such as Dave Matthews, John Mayer and Faith Hill, as well as some "deep cuts" from the past. Even though you can hear this stuff on regular, coed radio stations, we know Jill FM is a girl thing because the logo, on the website, is a lipstick smudge. Also, the promos feature a saucy female voice saying things like "Jill says: 'The only thing more unreliable than an Italian car is the man who drives one.'"

I stumbled on Jill FM when I veered slightly to the left of 93.1 Jack FM, that no-request, no-DJ station that purports to be absurdly eclectic but, I've noticed, seems to play the B-52's "Rock Lobster" at least 500 times a week.

Jill's own, um, mission statement:

  • Has deeper playlists — up to 2000 hits and less repetition!
  • Hit music from AC, Hot AC, CHR, Oldies, Rock, even Country!
  • Fewer interruptions, more music!
  • Fun with a sassy attitude!
  • Contests for people who live the Jill FM lifestyle!

By nature I am wary of anything that comes with a "lifestyle" attached, especially if it's this specific:

"She would not go to a sweaty bar at the beach," [general manager Robert] Christy said. "She likes to drink cosmopolitans, but after climbing out of the water from surfing, she'd enjoy a cold beer. She'd never drive drunk, possibly because she might have learned her lesson in the past. She might have a bad-girl streak. Also, she has three dogs: a cocker named Joe, a springer named Jerry and a poodle named Tony — that's for Tony Blair. Plus she has a Persian cat."

Obviously this isn't aimed at me, and it's just as well: nobody is going to program a station with me in mind. (If you'd like to try, here's a hint: play some Susan Barth.) But I've been listening to Jill's webcast, and I think I could save a button for her if she were broadcasting around here: she plays a few things not even Jack will dare to air, and she's definitely not intimidated by the boys, says her consultant:

My plan is to take it into every market where JACK or SAM or BOB is and say, "yeah, just like that except for women."

I don't expect Jack to go sliding down the hill, but you never know.

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Get XM and tell Jack, Jill, etc. to go screw... ;)

Posted by: Greeblie at 9:04 PM on 27 August 2006