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25 August 2006

Quote of the week

Dawn Eden, on the FDA approval of "Plan B":

[R]iddle me this: Why do oral contraceptives still require a prescription, seeing as they're so safe that you can take 40 times the prescribed amount anytime you want?

My guess is "It's a guaranteed revenue stream," but then I'm not part of the target market.

Posted at 10:43 AM to QOTW

Actually, I think it's a racket to get you to go to the gyn every year. That's how they get you in for a pap smear...if you don't go, no birth control. Well, that and the sort of risks you get with the pill is more a long-term raises the risk of certain problems over time in some groups of people, so they screen out those who are in those groups with the prescription thing. A one-time megadose, though, is likely to do nothing worse than make you throw up. (As far as the safety profile, anyhow...I'm not touching the argument over whether the thing is an abortifacient. Not with a wireless keyboard.)

Posted by: Deb at 4:27 PM on 25 August 2006