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25 August 2006

Tie me drawing hand back, Mack

The BBC isn't having any of this:

The Franz Kafka Big Band, a comedy series commissioned for BBC Radio Scotland, has been withdrawn from the schedule after editors thought that jokes about Israel and Palestine and a sketch in which a cow flies into the World Trade Centre were inappropriate.

Executive producer Nick Low (I guess it's okay to like him) says:

We are disappointed because we have been working on this for eight months and now I donít know if it will ever see the light of day. The Franz Kafka Big Band has always been about not compromising what it does. The BBC has been very supportive, it is just whether we can thrash things out and whether a compromise can be made. I donít think we are talking fine-tuning; there are major changes that would need to be done.

The heinous offenses of the show:

One controversial segment is called Rolfís Blasphemous Cartoon Time, featuring Rolf Harris drawing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad and Buddha. Another sketch has a voiceover for a famine appeal while the person is eating. There is also sexual content.

Anyone want to guess which of these is causing the uproar?

(Via Tongue Tied.)

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I'll take Religion of Peace for $40, Alex.

Posted by: Dave Himrich at 7:58 PM on 27 August 2006

How about a bit of Rolf?

Posted by: anon at 8:09 AM on 28 August 2006