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25 August 2006

Preemptive measures

When I turned Gwendolyn over to the dealership for her 90k service, I expected them to point out every little thing that was wrong with the car; after all, the word Inspect shows up rather frequently in the To-Do list.

And inasmuch as I'd rather have things fixed before they go troppo, I managed to add an extra $400 to her tab. Then again, nice new belts and nice new rear brakes are, well, nice, and they may save my bacon one of these days. I have never before had rear discs, or for that matter ABS, so I wasn't quite sure whether I actually needed the brake job or if it was just ABS overdoing it. The rotors weren't too bad, and could take a turning, but the pads were thinner than a politician's alibi. (I do look at discarded parts. Force of habit.) A pair of rear pads for this car, incidentally, runs $72.

Not that I'm in any mood to complain. Not only did they give my girl an actual bath (and a vacuuming), they reset the automagical power-seat thingy that I'd never been able to work correctly. And across the top of the invoice was my final request to the techs before I surrendered the key: CUSTOMER REQUESTS ADD 2 LBS OF EXTRA AIR TO TIRES.

Yeah, I'm anal.

As for the G, it was almost a shame to have to give it back, but I don't happen to have twenty grand for rolling stock right now. And it was wicked fast. Northbound on Kelley crossing 63rd, you have about 60 feet before the two lanes merge into one, and in the left lane was your friend and mine, Metro Transit. Let it be known that when the light turned green, it wasn't even close. I think I want one of those when I grow up. (Let's hope I drop a few pounds between now and then, since it was kinda snug in there, though I had no trouble finding a good driving position.)

Posted at 6:17 PM to Driver's Seat

I'd check the air pressure in the tires if I were you. Two pounds of air is a lot of air. And since that car is Asian, shouldn't that be in kilograms?

Posted by: MikeH at 1:08 AM on 26 August 2006

$72 for rear pads? Ouch...unless that included the labor to swap'em.

The rear pads for my Passat were about $16/set (semi-metallic too)...but I put'em in myself too.

Posted by: Purple Avenger at 7:40 AM on 26 August 2006

But they're BFGoodrich tires, which are made Stateside (albeit under the auspices of Michelin, which is French). Anyway, it takes me a while sometimes to determine my preferred inflation settings: the idea is to reduce the perceived understeer and not screw up the ride. Infiniti recommends 33/30 for this car, which coincidentally is what I eventually arrived at on the Mazda; however, the two cars handle somewhat differently, and the Mazda weighed 400 lb less.

Nissan brake pads tend to be pricey: even non-OEMs come in near the $40 mark. And Infiniti, being a luxo brand, isn't cutting any slack on pricing.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:25 AM on 26 August 2006