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28 August 2006

Strange search-engine queries (30)

Since people are now actually searching for these little excursions into the backwaters of the referrer logs, I have moved them into their own category, where they can be browsed at your leisure, assuming you have time for leisure.

founder of curtis mathes:  Oddly, a guy named Curtis Mathes, though Curtis was actually his middle name.

why am I undatable?  You don't give off any carbon-14, maybe?

1957 plymouth put in a concrete tomb at chrysler in 1957 or 58:  I don't know about that, but there's a '57 Plymouth buried under the streets of Tulsa, due to be exhumed next year.

sanitized version of boulevard of broken dreams:  How about "parkway of interrupted musings"?

What percentage of bloggage to heart before bypass surgery?  Were I having bypass surgery, I'd be blogging up a storm.

what the hell are "cooling degree days"?  The difference between the day's average temperature and 65 (Fahrenheit), if positive. (Example: high 90, low 70, average 80, 80 - 65 = 15 cooling degree days.)

i have a new 2007 lexus rx 350 and the seats are peeling:  Next time, wear pants.

messy asses:  Next time, wear pants.

how often to change the timing belt on an infiniti i30:  Infiniti makes no recommendation for nonexistent parts.

chaz scum:  Ah, a former reader.

the world's political leadership sucks:  Ah, a current reader.

maureen dowd lesbian:  News to me, and probably to her.

the woman i love no longer wants to be with me:  Well, she didn't come over here, that's for sure.

"conservatives have abortions":  No doubt. (Why am I #1 for this?)

flaming gasbags:  Television is full of them. (Why am I #1 for this?)

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