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28 August 2006

Hal has your cash

Saturday afternoon, a woman in a truck pulled into the drive-thru and found, to her amazement, some nimrod on foot using the ATM. (I have reference to me.) The transaction didn't take long, and she didn't look particularly alarmed, though I think it's probably a safe bet she doesn't see much of this.

And if she's really fortunate, she didn't see any of this. [Possibly NSFW]

Posted at 7:16 AM to Dyssynergy

I have walked up to a drive thru ATM a few times. There used to be one in the nearby small town that my pickup wouldn't fit thru so I parked and walked up to it. I always thought that was crazy. You have a business in an area where more than half the people drive pickups and you install a drive thru ATM that pickups won't fit thru?

Posted by: Lynn S at 7:20 AM on 28 August 2006

I have once or twice walked up to a drive-thru ATM, but I can honestly say I've never driven through a walk-up ATM.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:50 AM on 29 August 2006

I've used the drive-thru ATM numerous times. Many banks in this town are car-oriented, which means their ATM is on the drive-thru side. I don't have much of a choice, since I don't own a car.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 10:05 PM on 29 August 2006

This particular ATM is, in my opinion, poorly positioned — either that, or the big yellow phalli they've placed around it to keep people from driving into it are too far out front, making it difficult to reach the actual machinery from within a vehicle, at least for a person who doesn't take a 38 sleeve.

Since I had to go to the market anyway, I parked for the market and walked to the machine. Might even have saved some infinitesimal quantity of gas, too.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:09 AM on 30 August 2006