The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

30 August 2006

Another Democrat spotting

Dana Orwig, who won the Democratic primary for House District 87, made the rounds through my neck of the woods yesterday. She seemed somewhat surprised that I knew who she was; then again, I don't normally go to a lot of trouble to identify myself at all, let alone as one of those alleged "citizen-journalist" types.

I mentioned her lack of a proper Web site; she said that steps were being taken to get one up, and a domain had already been secured. And I got the feeling that she's just gotten past "What am I doing here?" and she's just starting to embrace "Geez, I should be able to beat that punk kid."

Said punk kid, of course, has the advantages of incumbency, and I'm not that unhappy with Trebor Worthen, but given the mood of the electorate of late, fresh faces may be very much in demand come November.

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