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3 September 2006

Good old dumb luck

You probably don't remember the Beagles. Stringer and Tubby were two American dogs playing mid-Sixties Britrock in an obscure cartoon series that ran for a year (1966-67) on CBS and then recycled the following season on ABC. It's not a candidate for DVDing, either; apparently the film editor had all the tapes, and he died, and they were never seen again. (A couple of kinescoped segments have turned up on YouTube.)

It was inevitable that there should be a Beagles album, and Here Come the Beagles was issued on CBS' Harmony label at something like $2.49 list. F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre, previously mentioned here, remembers the music:

The songs performed in each adventure by Tubby and Stringer were surprisingly good, ranging in musical style from borderline soft-rock to gentle ballads, with intelligent lyrics.

And one of those ballads — "What More Could I Do?" — has haunted me for nearly forty years.

I was sifting through Usenet last night when something about the Banana Splits, a similarly bogus (but far more successful) band, came up, and I learned that the Splits' one and only LP had been reissued on CD. This got my attention. And when I looked up the CD, I found that not only were the Splits' cereal-box issues included, but so were ten Beagles tracks.

And where was this track listing? Why, eBay, where a copy of said CD was at auction with five minutes left.

I closed my eyes, punched in a bid (okay, I might have looked at the screen for that), and waited.

Sometimes, everything in the universe seems to be lined up properly. Not often, of course, but often enough to serve as a reminder that it does actually happen. And $2.49 forty years ago, adjusted for inflation, comes to — well, okay, I overpaid. A little.

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Never heard of the Beagles, but I sent away for the Banana Splits Club kit, including certificate and secret decoder disk -- and started a chapter of the BSC in my neighborhood.

I love the way the Internet brings back bits of the past that seemed consigned to a fading memory.

Posted by: Michael Bates at 11:37 AM on 3 September 2006

I don't remember the Beagles, either. But, Michael? I was Secretary/Treasurer of our neighborhood's "official" Banana Splits Club. For three years. Which makes me wonder now, although it didn't seem to bother me then, how come I never made it to President?

Good times. :-)

Posted by: Jennifer at 12:49 PM on 3 September 2006

As they say over in Arkansas: Even a blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while.

Congratulations on your find...

Posted by: Winston at 7:10 AM on 4 September 2006