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3 September 2006

Marionette hosiery

Way back in the 1980s, I invented the online sock puppet.

Okay, that's an exaggeration, but not much of one. And, unlike today's poseurs, I did it right: I had these personalities — if that's the word — actually disagreeing, challenging whatever points were made by the other.

And the true stroke of demented genius was that the roles of puppet and puppeteer were introduced in reverse order: the fake personality acquired all the credibility, and then the "real" one was assigned to take potshots at her. (Yes, "her." I am not one for halfway measures.)

Yes, of course it was dumb, and eventually (as in "after two or three years") it became unsustainable. Most of us figure this out pretty quickly. Jane Galt did:

I actually did sock puppet once, long ago on this blog when it was Live from the WTC, but I wasn't defending myself; I was making fun of me. (I thought of a funny rejoinder to something I'd said which obviously wouldn't be that funny if I was saying it.) I don't remember what the post was, and the comments from that blog are long gone, but even at the time, I remember thinking that this was kind of stupid and juvenile. And I was a brand new blogger in my twenties, not an established media personality.

Moreover, it's really quite unnecessary: there is no position so outré, so perverse, so downright asinine, that you can't find somebody to agree with it.

(I'm C. G. Hill, and I approved this message.)

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