The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

4 September 2006

Just don't use That Word

It's just, you know, too non-inclusive:

One of the larger churches in Oregon is no longer a church. Well, it still would probably be categorized as a church. But it no longer calls itself that. East Hill Foursquare Church in Gresham is now simply known as "East Hill Family."

And why is that?

"Church implies a single group of people," Senior Pastor Ted Roberts stated. "Now we are multiple people groups, the 'Café' service, the 'Classic' service, and the 'Central' service. Probably within one to two years, we will have an additional worship venue service off campus.

"And that is the future of East Hill — to go beyond these walls eventually and not be limited geographically. We will become a family."

Or maybe a sports bar. Who's gonna know?

Oh. Right.

(Via Church Marketing Sucks.)

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