A policy of non-discrimination

“Not for nothing,” someone said to Kia, “but if you’re a black woman signed on to OkCupid, chances are, you weren’t really trying to get with a black guy. Kia, if that was your intention, you’d ought to try out a interracial-specific dating site. Just a thought.”

To which Kia replied:

Look, I was on OKCupid because it is a free, well-designed and heavily populated dating site. Not because it was lousy with white dudes. So what, if I were looking for black men I would have been where, FriedChickenLovers.com? What the hell person? I was looking for men. Who gives a shit what race? The fact of the matter is that in the DC area (and in every area, really), the men who share my interests are generally white. If I meet a BLK or AZN or whatever guy who likes Daft Punk and Flipcup and 30 Rock, then lets get familiar with it. And no I’m not going to go to an “inter racial dating site” because again, I DO NOT GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT RACE.

Some people take that “fried chicken” business awfully seriously.

I, despite my fondness for Colonel Sanders and his competitors, and my actual possession of a couple of Daft Punk tracks, will not make the grade here, partly because of geographic considerations, but mostly because I’m surly, uncooperative, unappealing, and twice her age. Still, she’s making it impossible for me to ignore her completely:

I am going to slaughter each and every one of these wasteoids in their sleep with a dull rusty blade so as to cause as much pain as possible.

And it isn’t paranoia if you know the knife is coming down.

Disclosure: I have, somewhere, a profile on OkCupid, but I haven’t been to that site in well over a year.


  1. sya »

    30 March 2010 · 3:23 pm

    This reminded me of an article I read in the most recent issue of Giant Robot about dating sites, especially catering to Asian men and white women. The author of the article signed up so he could meet people outside of his ethnicity, but it was kind of creepy. I always wonder about those particular sites because are the people on there truly race-blind or just specialized fetishists?

  2. CGHill »

    30 March 2010 · 4:32 pm

    Inasmuch as just about every combination imaginable actually exists on some site, I suspect it’s closer to “specialized fetishist.” There are, I believe, people who are truly race-blind, but it seems to me that they wouldn’t need to exercise any particular selectivity in one direction or another.

    Keep in mind, though, what I know about dating can be squeezed into a thimble and still leave room for a couple of chocolate chips, several grains of rice, and a Congressman’s ethics.

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