Quote of the week

Somewhere in the Basketbawful First-Round Playoff Preview, there’s a hint about this year’s free-agent market:

Think about it. There will be 29 teams that don’t end up with LeBron James. Have you ever been out with a friend who is desperate to hook up? You know how he’ll spend most of the night chasing girls who are increasingly less hot until, finally, he starts hitting on any skank who looks like she’s drunk, stupid and/or fat enough to sleep with anybody capable of not spontaneously combusting? Well, that’s going to be the 29 teams that don’t get LeBron this summer.

Oh, and about that playoff series:

If you’ve followed Kobe’s career, you know this can go only one of two ways. Either a) he will ignore all the bullshit and play his best ball in a series the Lakers should win with relative ease, or b) he will go apeshit and start jacking up 25-30 shots a game in order to remind everybody that he’s still the league’s Alpha Dog … even if he isn’t (LeBron is).

For my part, I’m hoping for the latter. Kobe gunning is about the only chance the Thunder have to extend this series.

I dunno. We beat ’em once out of four; we might be able to beat ’em twice out of six. Maybe.

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