Wind up your radios

And I mean for good, Dementians and Dementites:

This weekend is the final airing for the syndicated Dr. Demento Show. The show’s syndicator, Talonian Productions — which is owned by Dr. Demento — has told the affiliates that this is the end.

In a simple email to its few remaining stations, the email stated “Dr. Demento and his management have decided to no longer offer The Dr. Demento Show on terrestrial radio stations and to concentrate on offering the show via internet streaming only.”

Which comes with a hefty (by Net standards) fee: $2 a week. Were there any really great wacky wax being put out these days, I’d be tempted to sign up; heck, I actually follow “Weird Al” Yankovic on Twitter. (He’s at @alyankovic, should you wish to do the same.)

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