On the road to Mandalay?

I’m not quite sure what I think about the impending sale of the Oklahoma City RedHawks to persons yet unidentified. It’s not like there’s something resembling perennial ownership stability at the Triple-A level; the Boids have changed hands three times in the last two decades. (One of those owners, New York art dealer Jeffrey Loria, sold out in 1993 and went looking for a major-league club to add to his portfolio; you might not want to mention his name in Montreal.)

On the upside, this sounds promising:

Mandalay Baseball’s core business is to own and operate Minor League Baseball franchises throughout the United States. An organization unique to minor league sports, Mandalay Baseball’s executive team possesses an incomparable depth and breadth of entertainment, financial, and sports expertise. Its acquisition and venue development strategy, business model, and operating and management philosophy are unlike that of any other in minor league sports.

No one is saying for sure that Mandalay is the buyer — don’t want to jeopardize the negotiations, doncha know — but clearly we could do a lot worse. And if Bob Funk père is sick of wasting leather on those Bricktown paving stones, well, he’s getting up there in years, and Funk fils has that damn hockey team to run.

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  1. ak4mc »

    11 June 2010 · 1:39 pm

    I don’t know about the rest of the Mandalay family, but Art seemed to know something about baseball, when his alter ego worked for the Yankees.

    Or was that Vandelay?

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