A story leaked earlier

Something of a wee improvement at the Magic’s new home court:

In an event billed as the “Drano Royal Flush”, Orlando Magic president Alex Martins, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and students from Nap Ford Elementary school will simultaneously flush 443 toilets at the new arena at 10 a.m., Sept. 8. The team says more than 150 people will be involved in this task of tasks.

That’s almost three toilets per person. Good luck with that.

Then again, you have to consider what they’re used to:

The old Amway Arena only feature four men’s and women’s restrooms apiece. Lines were long. Bladders were challenged.

No worries. Amway Center will feature 19 women’s restrooms and 18 men’s restrooms … a change we can all believe in.

Indeed. For comparison, The Facility Soon To Be Formerly Known As The Ford Center claims 48 restrooms, 12 of them unisex. I have no idea whether this is #1 in the NBA.

(Via TrueHoop.)

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