Among the good guys

Medium weirdness here yesterday: as usual, I’d publish a post, and as usual, the WordTwit plugin for WordPress would conjure up a shorter version of the URL and advise the Twitterverse that I had something new to read. Historically, I’ve been getting between 25 and 40 visits from each such post, which helps to maintain the fiction that this place is sort of popular.

Then the fallout began. Someone said that the proffered URL led to the wrong post; someone else got 404ed on a different one. I left word with BraveNewCode, publishers of WordTwit, that something was askew with their new release; within a couple of hours they’d sent me an updated version of the plugin which worked just fine. I sent them back a thumbs-up, and now that new version is available to all WordTwit users. I did notice, however, that now they have the option to tweet a URL that isn’t actually shortened but still works: the original WordPress permalink based on the ID number. I’ve shifted to that option, since it takes up little more room and requires less folderol behind the scenes.

Technical support too often seems to be neither technical nor supportive; I’m always grateful to folks like BraveNewCode who go out of their way to make my life online a little easier.


  1. Teresa »

    2 October 2010 · 1:29 pm

    LOL – 40 hits is a great day for me. ;-)

    I think with all the spam stuff going around – having a real url will get some people clicking the link who might otherwise pass because the short form worries them.

  2. CGHill »

    2 October 2010 · 1:33 pm

    True enough. TweetDeck, which I have been using since approximately ten minutes after I joined Twitter, has a preview mode to identify the real links behind the short versions, but it doesn’t work on every shortening service. I might have thought that hanging them off my own domain would have been reassuring, but maybe not.

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