Refudiation Day

The only thing that puzzles me, really, is that State Question 750, which would have reduced the number of signatures required for initiative petitions, just barely squeaked by; I can only conclude that people saw that and ten other questions on the ballot and decided that they wanted fewer such things in the future. And I’m hoping they didn’t decide that because the other ten went my way.

(Yes, I know: most of those questions originated with the Legislature, not with the electorate. I suspect most people don’t care one way or another.)

Otherwise: a little above meh, but way below happy happy joy joy.

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  1. Ambiance »

    3 November 2010 · 4:54 pm

    A New National Holiday?…

    Spread the word: Charles G. Hill of the blog Dustbury has dubbed yesterday “Refudiation Day.” I think that ought to catch on…

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