In search of rank, I reckon

Search-engine optimization, I said once upon a time, is the 21st-century version of phrenology. Not that this discourages folks from attempting to game the system. For instance, here’s Mickey Kaus:

Why does this item have a cheesy headline like “Krugman vs. the Whippersnappers!”? Hey, you try to Search Engine Optimize an item like this. Google is the enemy of forthrightness, and of good humor. In the future, every headline will have the words “Sarah Palin” in it.

Hmmm. Nobody reads my Sarah stuff, unless there’s a photo involved. Then again, I’m not exactly running a Mickey Kaus operation here.

(Suggested by Fishersville Mike.)

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  1. Baby M »

    6 January 2011 · 10:32 am

    “…a Mickey Kaus operation…”

    Oh, c’mon, that’s just Goofy. It really Bugs me, drives me Daffy it does.

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