Threshold of pain

Ginger at I Own The World has assembled a collection of “Idiotic Shoes,” and it’s a case of truth in advertising: they’re all comfortably (well, some of them uncomfortably) nestled on the preposterous side of the spectrum.

shoes on nailsSmitty sent me the link, noting: “No idea what to make of this.” I figure it’s just a manifestation of the contemporary cultural imperative to the effect that Different Is Good (Except For [name of currently-disfavored group or idea]).

Picking Worst of Breed wasn’t easy, but I finally settled on this one. It simply looks excruciatingly painful; its component parts seem unworthy — for all I know, those may be exquisite crystals on the upper, but the heels seem to be ordinary 16d nails straight out of Ace Hardware — and its overall effect is something along the lines of “I wear this with a hair shirt made of steel wool.” Go cry, emo girl.


  1. Lemon Stand »

    30 January 2011 · 9:02 pm

    OK. Someone never even made it INTO the shallow end of the gene pool…

  2. Tatyana »

    30 January 2011 · 9:37 pm

    So instead of a nice lullaby before going to bed on a Monday night- you give us this….this…oh, where’s my eye bleach?

    Now I must go get another piece of chocolate.

  3. CGHill »

    30 January 2011 · 9:41 pm

    As the phrase goes, it can always serve as a bad example.

  4. Tatyana »

    30 January 2011 · 11:16 pm

    Pre-Monday night, I meant to say.
    See what you’ve done?!

  5. fillyjonk »

    31 January 2011 · 7:14 am

    And people tell ME I’m making a fashion mistake by wearing handknit wool socks with birkenstocks.

    Fashion can suck it, says I.

  6. nightfly »

    31 January 2011 · 10:00 am

    fillyjonk – this girl can say that you knitted the wool socks with her shoes.

    Game, set.

  7. Laura »

    2 February 2011 · 5:17 am

    Reminds me of all stiletto heels.

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