Seasons change

Lynn feels that her birth month is getting the shaft from publishers of calendars:

I’m usually disappointed with the May calendar picture. My birthday is in May and that makes me feel that the May picture should be the best on the whole calendar but it’s usually not and, most notably, it is almost always less pretty than April. Take this calendar for example. April’s picture is of a lake and lovely multi-colored hills. May’s picture is of a woman hanging laundry. Come on! That’s not fair!

My archives suggest a solution:

[I]n 2007, Woot sold a vast number of “Crappy Calendars” — that’s how they were billed — and during the following year issued Replacement Art which you could print out and then paste over the “pretty but very boring” picture in the original product.

With that in mind, here’s a possibly-less-boring picture of a woman hanging laundry, an 1887 painting by Camille Pissaro (1830-1903), which she may want to paste over the original.

Woman Hanging Laundry by Camille Pissaro

Feel free to click to embiggen.


  1. fillyjonk »

    3 March 2011 · 1:01 pm

    Eh, well, my birth month is the month that most people seem to believe should (bleep) off and die, so I can’t get too upset over “bland” calendar pictures for it….

  2. Lynn »

    4 March 2011 · 7:43 am

    It’s still a woman hanging laundry. I have no problem with the artist or the quality of the art; I just want nice scenery. Or flowers or something nice.

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