1. Jeffro »

    24 April 2011 · 8:14 pm

    Now you’ve done it. If you weren’t on a “list,” you surely are now!

  2. McGehee »

    24 April 2011 · 9:04 pm

    An objection slightly more sophisticated derives from the definition of “nation,” which does not necessarily mean an entity that has, for instance, a National Anthem. But it, too, founders on the question of “fairness,” since it reflects the existence of a Chosen People, and how dare a deity choose a people?

    Well, there is an alternative path to being of a “nation whose God is the Lord:” if the Lord hasn’t chosen your nation, have your nation choose Him.

    I’m unaware of anything that precludes this path, whereas the New Testament seems to teem with invitations to nations to choose, lest they lose.

    And I’ve no more time to… rhyme.

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