The over-umbrage

This neck of the woods once had an inferiority complex, and not just any inferiority complex either; by God, it was the biggest damn inferiority complex in the entire flyover zone. I was here for some of the making of that complex — the destruction of downtown, the oil bust of the early 1980s, the hiring of John Blake as OU football coach — and no one was happier than I to see it finally vaporize.

Except, of course, that it hasn’t. Not by a long shot.

David Roth (no connection to anyone named Van Halen) came up with a bit for GQ called “Profiles in NBA Obscurity,” the ostensible first edition of which was devoted to Thunder third-string point guard Royal Ivey. I normally don’t pay much attention to GQ, but Royce Young of Daily Thunder included it in one day’s Bolts, so I gave it a read. In the middle of the piece, Roth snarked:

Like Ivey, OKC is something of an afterthought — a city that was never supposed to have a NBA team, a city whose best restaurant is generally agreed to be a Golden Corral and whose zoo’s prime attraction, a chimp named Mwami, keeps escaping his enclosure, as if even he would rather be in Tulsa.

I grinned a bit. This town has always had the reputation of being more white-bread than Mrs Baird and decidedly lacking in ghetto fabulousness, something presumably desired by your average melanin-rich NBA team. “Golden Corral”? Well, at least he didn’t say it was the farging Olive Garden.

Then there surfaced this local message-board thread, in which several participants are having a fit hissier than the steam table at your favorite buffet over these “blatant lies.” Some of them even jumped down Roth’s throat on the Twitter. It’s like a whole platoon of “Psycho” Soyers needing to be told to lighten up.

Then again, Roth is from New Jersey, a place which even people from Oklahoma mock. At least he’s sporting admirable thickness of skin, something that too often seems lacking here in the City of Multicolored Buffalo.

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  1. Brett »

    14 May 2011 · 9:17 pm

    As you pointed out, Charles, he’s from Jersey. Just like Joe Piscopo.

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