Inasmuch as yesterday was Thursday

A dash of show-biz pragmatism:

“I wanted to start building what could be a really great career, but this industry, it’s so unpredictable: you could be the big thing for a month or four months, and then kind of fall off the face of the planet.”

So says Rebecca Black, who first appeared on pop radar, um, four months ago.

In the meantime, although you didn’t ask, it is possible to come up with a tune as infectious and as repetitious as “Friday.” To prove the point, here’s Lara playing “Friday” (with a touch of “My Moment”) and the Nyan Cat song:

Amazing how well they work together. Johann Pachelbel, watch your back.

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  1. keeskennis »

    31 July 2011 · 11:26 am

    I do not think those two can reverse roles
    Right compensated for Left a few times

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