Ignite to remember

Lynn understands burn bans and why they’re imposed, but one thing about them perplexes her:

[T]he inconsistency with which they are imposed drives me crazy. They usually wait until it has been as dry as the surface of the Moon for a month before they ever get around to declaring a burn ban but once it’s in effect we have to be ankle deep in mud and making plans for building an ark before they cancel it.

Per state law, it takes the satisfaction of four criteria for a burn ban to be imposed at the county level:

  1. There must be a drought, as determined by the US Drought Monitor;
  2. Less than 0.5 inch of precipitation is predicted for the next three days;
  3. Fire occurrence is “significantly greater than normal”;
  4. More than 20 percent of wildfires in the county have been traced to controlled burns or escaped debris.

The current statewide ban was issued by executive proclamation from the governor’s office. Which may explain why it’s still around, since county burn bans must be renewed every seven days to remain in force.

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