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I have not gone to a whole lot of trouble trying to figure out any individual woman’s shoe-selection criteria, on the semi-sensible basis that a few weeks of observation will tell me everything I need to know. Then again, I’m not in a position to observe anyone on more than a part-time basis, which means I will consider myself fortunate to have run across someone who puts her criteria in writing:

  • No peep toe. My second toe is longer than the first and it gets squished out the peep hole. It’s not cute. Actually, it’s really hideous.
  • Must have platform. This is to provide a buffer between my feet and the marble floors at the Capitol.
  • The sides of the heel can’t come up too far because it will rub my ankle bones.
  • I like a strap across the front. Or a zip-up front. This keeps the shoe from falling off my foot when they get all sweaty.
  • If there are straps, I like them to have non-conspicuous elastic attached.
  • I like heels or wedges better because flats end up being just as uncomfortable and probably not looking as cute.

If this sounds like a lot, it’s way shorter than her list of requirements for a lot with a house on it (at the same link).

This is, of course, an attempt to stir up conversation.


  1. Nicole »

    14 September 2011 · 6:26 pm

    I just don’t put that much thought into shoes. I see, I like, they mostly fit, I buy. Of course, if I had a list like this to go through I might end up with more shoes I wear more than once…

  2. Dan B »

    14 September 2011 · 9:11 pm

    You say you don’t know what a woman wants? That one will make a list for you. I like that idea, negotiation is a lot easier when the demands are known.

  3. Tatyana »

    14 September 2011 · 9:32 pm

    My list is longer. Much longer. Just like the number of years I have on her.

  4. Heather »

    15 September 2011 · 8:07 am

    Nicole, I never put that much thought into it until I started having to dress up and walk on marble floors all day! I have so many shoes that I have bought and can’t wear to work because they’re so painful!

    Dan, that’s one of my husband’s favorite things about me. He says he’s glad he doesn’t have to try to read my mind : )

    Tatyana, let’s hear whatcha got!

    Thanks for the pingback, Dust!

  5. fillyjonk »

    15 September 2011 · 12:47 pm

    This is good:

    “If there are straps, I like them to have non-conspicuous elastic attached”

    My favorite pair of “dress” shoes has this. They stay on much better.

    My other criteria for dress shoes:

    Not a flat-flat (they hurt my feet a little, actually), but can’t be TOO high of a heel (as the Irishwoman at the shoe shop I frequent exclaimed, when I wanted to try on a pair of 2 1/2″ heels: “You pronate ALL OVER THE PLACE! You will DESTROY YOUR ANKLES in those.” She scared the daylights out of me…)

    Enough padding that I can spend up to six hours on my feet, on tile-over-concrete floors, pacing around classrooms, and not make my knees hurt.

    Some dark dyes, I’ve found, make me come out in hives…so if they’re dark leather shoes, I either have to wear them with hose or make sure it’s not the bothersome dye. I generally opt for lighter shoes because of this.

    It must grip well in the heel. I have narrow heels and get blisters if the shoe flops back and forth back there.

    A wide enough toebox. I know, it looks “granny” to wear wider shoes…but I am not going to have bunion surgery when I’m 70.

    I’ve found the biggest obstacle for me is fit…if the shoe doesn’t fit just right, I can’t wear it, because I’m on my feet sufficiently much that an ill-fitting shoe is just miserable. If it’s too loose it’s actually worse because of the blisters.

  6. Tatyana »

    15 September 2011 · 1:11 pm

    Sorry, Heather, I will keep the list to myself… what’s a woman without a mystery.

  7. Rita »

    15 September 2011 · 7:45 pm

    Since I’m not a girly girl (although my weakling physique would make someone think differently), I will ONLY buy sensible shoes that’s only when I HAVE to buy them. Hate shopping. The Good Lord sought fit to leave that girly shopping gene out of me. And for that I am eternally grateful.

    I actually once wore two completely different brown shoes to work and did not notice until I got home. One was a backless clog type and the other was a flat. You would think a chick would notice the difference.

    Luckily none of the guys I worked noticed either, because they would have delighted in laughing at me all day long. Just to fuel the fire I took a cell phone pic of the back of my shoes and showed it the next day to all the guys I worked with. Had to feed them a little fodder to keep the fun going.

  8. Lynn »

    15 September 2011 · 9:11 pm

    Interesting. The house list is very similar to ours when we were looking. My shoe list is completely different but at least as difficult.

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