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Even fans of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” might grouse about the generally low production values and lack of polish in the original video. (What do you want for four grand, anyway?) Her third single, “Person of Interest,” due later this month, apparently will offer no such unpretentiousness:

Hey, at least it isn’t “O Fortuna.”

And this “Friday”-related item is too weird not to pass on:

Screenshot from Friday by Rebecca Black

The Facebook text affixed thereto:

This picture is from a music video. Do you see what’s circled? I bet you didn’t before I told you. The government went into deep investigation on this picture. That girl died in that house in 1887. This picture has been cursed. Now that you have seen that girl, she will visit you. Repost to save your life. Don’t take any chances.

At least fifteen thousand people did exactly that.

Says Rebecca in response:


And I’m pretty sure Anaheim Hills as we know it didn’t exist in 1887.


  1. McGehee »

    4 November 2011 · 4:07 pm

    That house looks like it might not have existed in 1987.

  2. CGHill »

    4 November 2011 · 4:11 pm

    Which is entirely possible, since the big push eastward from central Anaheim began around 1990.

  3. Charles Pergiel »

    6 November 2011 · 12:13 am

    That is funny, but how do you about the “big push”, or maybe I should ask why?

  4. CGHill »

    6 November 2011 · 12:09 pm

    I had moved to Southern California in the late 1980s, and had a couple of acquaintances in real estate, the closest thing to a state religion that existed back then. Back then, a major source of chatter was the effort to get the city of Anaheim to allow new developments closer to the 241 east of town. Eventually they did so.

    Sometimes there’s a reason why I know things; sometimes there isn’t.

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