She got this, now I know it

For a few seconds there, I was wondering why YouTube brought in Rebecca Black for its Rewind 2011 video, and then of course it hit me:

With a total of 180 million views during its two periods of availability, the original “Friday” video dwarfs all competition: Number Two “Ultimate Dog Tease” came in with about 77 million. Then again, YouTube reports one trillion views this year, of which “Friday” accounted for only 0.018 percent.

Or you could look at it this way: the video, squoze down to YouTube size, runs a hair over 19 MB, which means that something like 3500 terabytes of the world’s presumably limited bandwidth went into watching “Friday” this year.

(The two later singles, “My Moment” and “Person of Interest,” have rolled up 35 million views in their own right.)

And I have to admit to one bit of puzzlement: if, say, Nyan Cat (55 million views, #5) had finished at the top, who would have introduced the Rewind?

In the meantime, RB refuses to take any of this too seriously. Consider this Monday tweet:

“Christmas is Sunday” is trending…come on guys I already taught you all the days of the week, but now holidays?! too much pressure.

Which pressure she evidently didn’t feel when AOL invited her to their executive party in Chicago.


  1. Jim - PRS »

    23 December 2011 · 6:32 pm

    Never saw the “Friday” video. I feel so unhip.

  2. CGHill »

    23 December 2011 · 7:30 pm

    In that case, you might not want to click on this.

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