Love, Lutz and laffs

Jalopnik’s Ray Wert puts up a post called “I Would Go Gay for Bob Lutz,” and illustrates it with a video clip in which he says exactly that. For some reason, this annoyed TTAC’s Jack Baruth:

With this “go gay” business … Ray may have committed a rare mis-step. His gay readers don’t appreciate the idea that being gay is a choice; his straight readers are alternately bemused and offended. Wert trivializes homosexuality even as he pretends to embrace it.

I can’t speak for Wert’s gay readers, but as a straight guy, I can assure you that I was neither bemused nor offended, and that I didn’t read anything into the statement other than Serious Man-Crush.

Besides, I have a stronger example to cite, from thirty-odd years ago. How much stronger? I’m putting it behind the jump.

I quote the late, lamented Lester Bangs, from 1980:

Last spring I was going out with a girl who road-managed a rock band. When she told them she was seeing me they said, “Aw, all Lester wants to do is suck Lou Reed’s cock.”

I would suck Lou Reed’s cock, because I would also kiss the feet of them that drafted the Magna Carta. I leave you to judge that statement as you will, because it is not to Lou Reed but to you that I surrender myself, you who read this.

And if the meaning isn’t clear, dial back five years to these words Bangs wrote for Creem:

What other rock artist would put up with an interview by the author of this article, read the resultant vitriol-spew with approval, and then invite me back for a second round because of course he’s such a masochist he loved the hatchet in his back?

Not a living soul, that’s who.

In terms of emotional response, this is about half a tick below Smokey Robinson’s “I don’t like you / But I love you.”

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