Thoroughly Scroogled

Scroogle, the anonymizing search engine that scraped Google results so you didn’t have to, has bitten the dust, says the Reg:

As we reported last week, the website was out of action and displaying a message during the most recent outage that blamed Google for “temporarily blocking” Scroogle’s server.

It turns out the site, which routinely scraped the Chocolate Factory’s search results for the best part of a decade, has been closed down by Brandt.

The final nail in the coffin came not because of action taken by Google to once again attempt to banish the site from the interwebs, but due to the number of DDoS attacks that hit Scroogle, rendering the site utterly useless.

Daniel Brandt, operator of Scroogle, says it was just a matter of time:

“ is gone forever,” Mr. Brandt wrote. “Even if all my DDoS problems had never started in December, Scroogle was already getting squeezed from Google’s throttling, and was already dying. It might have lasted another six months if I hadn’t lost seven servers from DDoS, but that’s about all.”

Observant readers may have already noticed that I’d reinstated Scroogle’s box on the sidebar once I’d gotten out of Google’s doghouse; it was replaced with a regular Google search box last week.

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