Your primary turnout report

Okay, my primary turnout report. I caution that it is not strictly comparable to any of my previous turnout reports, inasmuch as (1) it’s technically a whole new precinct with new boundaries, even if I’m voting in the same place, and (2) therefore the purple balance may have been upset by redistricting.

That said, the place was deserted when I showed up. It’s a closed primary, so members of the specific parties got their own color-coded ballots; I noted with amusement that as I entered the polling place, the Democratic signin was on the left, the Republican on the right. (Two poll workers for each.) And yes, I was asked for ID, as required by the new state law. Slowed me down by a whole 2.5 seconds.

It took me a while to decipher the new machines, but the basic ballot-casting movement — slide it on in — remained the same. Three hundred thirty-nine ballots had been cast before my arrival at 4:59, which does not sound like a lot; there being only one machine, I couldn’t even begin to estimate what percentage of those were D or R.

The joke today on Twitter was “If it’s Super Tuesday, how come no one’s wearing a cape?” We had 40-mph winds much of the day, so capes were definitely not on the agenda. Edna Mode is no doubt pleased.

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  1. McGehee »

    6 March 2012 · 9:52 pm

    Georgia’s picture ID doesn’t even slow me down by that much; they put the scanners out front so voters can scan the bar code themselves instead of waiting for a poll judge (or whatever they’re called) to do it.

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