A new CEO Challenge

We open here with a flashback:

I remember [Michael Moore’s] television series TV Nation, which had an interest in snark at least as high as my own, and which featured briefly something called the CEO Corporate Challenge, in which the chairmen would be pulled out of the boardroom long enough to demonstrate some actual familiarity with the products vended by the firms they ran. One of the CEOs targeted was Ford boss Alexander Trotman: Moore met him in Dearborn and challenged him to change the oil in a Ford truck. Trotman, to Moore’s surprise, was a pretty fair shadetree mechanic, and finished up the task in less time than your local Spee-D-Loob; Moore, to his credit, left the segment in, and announced that Trotman had indeed passed the CEO Corporate Challenge.

At the end of this, I tossed up a remark about how “I certainly can’t imagine Bill Ford changing his own oil.”

On the other hand, apparently new Ford CEO Alan Mulally can actually sell cars:

[H]e sold three cars in just 40 minutes on the floor, with a fourth sale that’s still pending. In one case, he talked Nancy Miner from Liverpool, NY into a Fusion that she was cross-shopping with a Camry. If you remember, Mulally’s own garage was filled with all manner of Toyota and Lexus cars before he came to Ford, so the CEO was well situated to present the case for his own Fusion to Ms. Miner. She ended up buying the Fusion and driving it back to New York.

Which is quite a drive, since Mulally was holding court at a Ford store in, yes, Dearborn, Michigan.

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