The invaders

It rained rather a lot Monday: as the phrase goes, it was fit for neither man nor beast. It’s not too unusual for neighborhood critters to take temporary shelter on my porch, but this is exceptional:

Bird nest on porch light

(Lots of sizes on Flickr, if this one won’t do.)

I have next to no expertise on the subject of birds’ nests, but I have to assume that this little encampment belongs to the robins, inasmuch as they massed in a nearby redbud and complained loudly when I stepped up close enough to get the shot.

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  1. Nicole »

    21 March 2012 · 9:01 pm

    We had 2 robins’ nests on our back deck, under the roof at the edge. The hub wanted to get rid of them because they’d just “poop all over everything” but I made him wait till the babies were hatched and gone. I took one picture of a baby in the nest, much to the displeasure of the adults.

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