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News Item: The Oklahoma City RedHawks will host a news conference Wednesday [4/4] to announce RedHawks Field in Bricktown will be renamed after the Newcastle Casino.

Naming rights being a competitive sort of thing — highest bidder wins — here are the Top Ten rejected names for the ballpark in Bricktown:

  1. Bass Pro Bowl
  2. The Moshe Talarium
  3. Brewer anything
  4. Civic Center Park East
  5. Project 180 Stadium [3000 seats will face away from the field]
  6. We Swear Larry Nichols Didn’t Name This
  7. Remaining Gaylord Family Bricktown Park
  8. Magnetic Field
  9. Power Balance Pavilion [discontinued]
  10. Steak Sandwich Supreme Stadium

You just don’t get this kind of coverage anywhere else.

Update, 4/5: The Chickasaw Nation, owner of said casino, has backpedaled a bit, and will now bestow the name “Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark” on the facility.


  1. McGehee »

    4 April 2012 · 1:58 pm

    ThunderDome didn’t even crack the Top 10!?

  2. CGHill »

    4 April 2012 · 2:29 pm

    Well, they’re not gonna play basketball outdoors.

  3. hatless in hattiesburg »

    4 April 2012 · 11:50 pm

    i’d prefer all eleven of those (the 10 + mcgehee’s) to the original name of the rangers’ new home – “the ballpark in arlington” – which carried a similar level of positive connotations to “the garage in el paso” or “the gum on my shoe” :P

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