One particular place to go

Normally I shy away from those humongous infographics you see here and there, but this one raised a couple of points I’m sort of willing to discuss:

Killer Commute
Created by: College At Home

As it happens, my normal commute runs 18 minutes each way, though recent construction on I-44 near the Broadway Extension adds two minutes to the return trip, bringing me up to, yes, 38 minutes a day.

Of the “anger” responses, I prefer the simple digitus impudicus, as it seems pointless to yell, and if you’ve heard one horn, you’ve heard them all.

As a rule, I keep the seatback at about 110°; there’s a movable lumbar support which feels remarkably like a piece of, um, lumber.

I do, however, question that bit about “when a car steps on its brakes.” If a car is doing its own braking, either it’s a megabuck sedan with some high-priced alleged “safety” option, or it’s one of Google’s automated autos.

And by the way: last cholesterol reading (late last month) was 163. Nyah.


  1. McGehee »

    5 April 2012 · 9:41 am

    “Every year, traffic causes you to lose 2,183 minutes of sleep.”

    I know my commutes were always better when the other drivers were awake.

  2. CGHill »

    5 April 2012 · 5:14 pm

    Today’s I-35 commuters were all distracted: ODOT is installing cable in the median, and since there were actual workers on the scene, there was much rubbernecking.

  3. McGehee »

    5 April 2012 · 9:14 pm

    We’ve got a few road construction sites around here where actual work being done would be of similar novelty.

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