Slower than the speed of night

The Big Storms converged right over my house at 8:10. I think. The power had dropped by 8:03, and stayed gone for the better part of three hours. (Which meant no cable, which meant the basketball game on the old portable radio on top of the fridge. Now you know why it’s there.)

As of last night before I turned in, I noticed rather a large section of tree out back entirely too close to the power line. If it doesn’t move too much, no problem. (And inasmuch as it’s practically screwed itself into the ground, it may actually fend off threats to the line.) Then again, this is May. Things move. I’ve had entire trees split in half in May.

For now, though, I am grateful to have a relatively unpunctured (we shall see later on) roof over my head. I spotted no hailstones over ping-pong ball size, but they made up in volume what they didn’t carry in sheer heft.


  1. Jennifer »

    30 May 2012 · 8:51 am

    Yeah, I lost a good section of tree last night. Maybe enough to finally lose it. I’ll post pics later.

  2. CGHill »

    30 May 2012 · 4:21 pm

    I got a better look at that tree limb in the light of day, and it’s Bad News. Also not movable, at least not by me.

  3. Jennifer »

    30 May 2012 · 9:18 pm

    Ours required help from the neighbor. Also, looks like lightening instead of wind.

  4. CGHill »

    30 May 2012 · 9:50 pm

    I had to request local assistance. (They made short work of it.) I did see your pictures, and it does look like the ol’ laser cannon took it out.

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