The ants crawl up

If I remember correctly, the ants also crawl down. And sometimes they just stare back at you and sneer:

I cannot find where they are coming from. There is no trail or run, they are just there on the cabinet or on the wall. Where we keep finding them is by a cabinet that stores dishes, there is no food nearby.

These bastards are hard to kill. They swim in bug spray then build sand castles in the Sevin dust. They strap on bibs and feast on ant bait. If you wash them down the sink, they come back up the drain arms held high like they just completed some made-for-TV obstacle course. These ants do the backstroke and frolic in the toilet as if it were a municipal pool.

I have long believed that many of our common indoor pests have evolved a form of immunity to our trusty poisons and treatments. (Simple Darwinism: the ones least affected lived the longest and got to reproduce the most.)

There aren’t a lot of ants in any one place, which leads to this conclusion:

It is my theory these we find are the lookout ants, watching for “The Man” while their evil cohorts do drug deals and sugar buys with the spiders and pill bugs in hidden nooks and crannies.

Of course, the spiders, omnivores that they are, will happily turn on their ant benefactors given an opportunity, but hey, it’s not personal, it’s just business.

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