Tech advice of the week

And it’s pretty simple, really:

No matter what Microsoft representatives tell you, no matter what Microsoft writes on their support pages, DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO USE AN XP COMPUTER TO DOWNLOAD WINDOWS 7.

Capitalization as in the original.

One reason for this:

The first software that needs to be downloaded and installed on an XP computer is supposedly .net 2.0. Remember that I’d just installed all the Microsoft updates on the XP laptop? It seems that .net 2.0 is “incompatible” with the version now on my laptop which was .net 3.? I think. Does Microsoft never update these pages? Does Microsoft think I’m going to uninstall a newer version of their software to install an older version so that I can download and use the latest version? And possibly screw up the one relatively full-featured computer I have working?

And we all know what I think of .NET, although somehow I have gotten 2.0 and 3.5 to coexist. (Versions below 2.0 are now supported only by whoever does installs for Cthulhu.)

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  1. Donna B. »

    29 June 2012 · 7:37 pm

    All I can say is that the Microsoft help was just slightly more helpful than Comcast’s recorded suggestion that I go to their website for help when I’m calling to report I have no internet connection.

    The problem was that is just enough more helpful to waste hours of my time.

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