Getting live if you want it

We mentioned last week that Rebecca Black was at Vidcon, signing autographs and such, and somewhere along the way she recorded her weekly Ask Rebecca video, in which someone asked about her set list at her Wildwood concert. In case you were wondering:

“For sure, I’ll be doing ‘Sing It,’ ‘Friday’ and ‘My Moment,’ and then there will probably be a couple of new songs that I’ll be doing that you guys haven’t heard yet.”

No “Person of Interest”? Shucky-darn.

Were I closer to the Jersey shore, I’d give some thought to attending this little semi-extravaganza, but then, were I closer to the Jersey shore, I’d have gone to BronyCon last weekend.


  1. LeeAnn »

    6 July 2012 · 10:18 am

    I’d crossdress for BronyCon if that’s what it would take.

  2. CGHill »

    6 July 2012 · 10:39 am

    You needn’t go to that much trouble. Srsly.

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