It had to come sometime

Before hitting the sack, I took one last look at Mesonet, and one of my two Most Dreaded Phrases showed up:

Screen shot from OK Mesonet

Yep. “Wind chill.” (The other Most Dreaded Phrase, of course, is “Heat index.”) The record earliest freeze for Oklahoma City was on the 9th of October, set in 2000; we may actually break that this year. How appropriate that this should happen in a year with the Hottest Damn Day Ever.

What did I say about the weather on 9 October 2000? This:

[W]e wound up with a textbook-perfect late-November day, a mere six weeks early. The sky is some shade of blue that exists only up above, and the occasional clouds look like they were pulled out of God’s own aspirin bottle. (No doubt we land-dwellers cause quite a bit of celestial headache.) There’s a bit too much wind, but there’s always a bit too much wind.

Ain’t that the truth. Today, however, isn’t much like that at all: the wind is there, but the cloud cover is vaguely menacing.


  1. fillyjonk »

    7 October 2012 · 4:54 pm

    I find wind chill a far more promising prospect than I find heat index. That may be partly due to my having grown up in one of the so-called Snow Belts, I don’t know. (Or perhaps that my natural-gas heat is cheaper than my electric air conditioning these days….)

    I dare say, I actually look FORWARD to the phrase “wind chill.”

    But it’s easier to put on a sweater if you’re cold….there’s a point where you can’t take anything more off (at least not in public) if you’re hot.

  2. CGHill »

    8 October 2012 · 7:42 am

    And the low on the 8th is 31 degrees, so that’s that.

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