Played twice and then archived

I wouldn’t have believed it myself, but there now exists a marketplace for used MP3s and such. Unsurprisingly, The Industry is not happy about that:

A US court is to consider a case that could determine whether digital media files can be resold.

One-year-old start-up ReDigi is battling music giant EMI over whether digital music can be retraded after it has been legally purchased.

ReDigi says that its software is designed to comply with existing United States copyright laws. But EMI argues a legal principle which allows consumers to resell purchased material goods does not apply.

This only works, presumably, if the individual trading files is required to delete his original at or about the same time he obtains the new track. ReDigi says its software does exactly that: checks the original file for legitimacy, then transfers it to the central server while deleting it from the trader’s computer.

And it gets better: ReDigi, assuming it’s not beaten to death with legal clubs, plans a similar service for ebooks.


  1. mysterian »

    8 October 2012 · 10:39 pm


  2. CGHill »

    8 October 2012 · 11:02 pm

    Yeah, we saw this coming. Or we should have, anyway.

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