Doyled again

I was sorting through a folder called “miscpix,” which of late seems to be filling up with pony stuff, and happened upon this item, dated 2003, which I inexplicably have never posted:

Damhnait Doyle

This is Damhnait Doyle, arguably the best singer ever to come out of Labrador City. (From what I’ve heard, neither snowy owls nor caribou come off as particularly musical.) Apparently she had this posted on her Web site about the time her third album, Davnet, came out; a cutout from it was worked into the cover art. (Old-timers around here may remember me complaining about some rude copy-protection scheme on the CD.)

From that very album, here’s track two, “Another California Song.”

She’s done group work since, with Shaye and with The Heartbroken, but only one solo album in the interim: Lights Down Low (2008), which features a languid, torch-y cover of Cheap Trick’s “I Want You to Want Me.”


  1. Baby M »

    31 October 2012 · 8:57 am

    Among the ER fandom, a character was said to be “Doyled” when he or she disappeared from the show with no explanation of why the character was no longer employed by County General–as happened to the character of Maggie Doyle (Jorja Fox) in the fifth season.

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